Reiki Consultations

The founder of Reiki was Dr. Makao Usui (Japan). Reiki is an energetic healing art which is similar to the “laying of hands” disclosed in the Bible. The main principles which are a part of Usui Reiki meditation and practice are:

Just for today be free and happy. Just for today, have joy. Just for today, you are taken care of. Live consciously in the moment. Count your blessings with gratitude. Honor your parents, teachers and elders. Earn your living honestly. Love your neighbor as yourself. Show gratitude to all living things. – Tanmaya Honervogt (The Power of Reiki: An Ancient Hands-on Healing Technique)

Reiki can be used to balance energy in the body, reduce stress, strengthen intuition, release blocks or suppressed feelings and promotes self-healing. Reiki is used as an additional form of therapy in some hospitals and evidence based research is being done on its role as an adjunct therapy for patients.

As a level two Usui Reiki provider, I can provide in person sessions or distance healing sessions. Typically, the session is an hour in length and I will request the client either lay on a massage table or sit in a chair with arms and legs un-crossed, fully clothed, facing up with music playing in the background. I only place my hands on the head, neck, shoulders and feet of my clients. It is normal to have sensations such as smells, colors, buzzing feeling or heat occur during the session.

Sessions are booked by appointment.

Session cost is $60 for one hour.